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In this edition

  • Budget Summary: Housing

  • Cash Splash: A Silver Bullet, or Lost Opportunity?

  • Shares v Property

  • Matusik: "Buzz on interest rates is poppycock"

Postive and negative gears

Budget Summary: Housing

The Australian 2024 budget includes a $6.2 billion housing package aiming to build 1.2 million homes in five years, focusing on affordable and social housing. Proptrack has produced a concise summary.


Cash Splash: A Silver Bullet, or a Lost Opportunity?

The Australian 2024 budget includes a $11.3 billion housing package, primarily for social and affordable housing, with measures to combat homelessness and assist domestic violence victims. But critics argue the measures won’t sufficiently ease the housing crisis or lower rents.

The government’s measures appear to be old commitments dressed up in new announcements that will do little to improve new home builds or lower rents.


Australia map with pin at Perth

Shares v Property

Property is emerging as the most secure investment for the next decade, with Perth identified as the only capital market for long-term gains. Despite the availability of options like bank savings, stocks, private equity funds, and cryptocurrencies, investors are increasingly returning to real estate due to its stability.

According to API Magazine, the long-term trend shows a significant increase in rents, making real estate a rewarding long-term investment.


Matusik: Buzz on Interest Rates is Poppycock

Thank goodness for Michael Matusik - one of the precious few commentators who cuts through the spin.

In his recent missive he writes that "The recent buzz about rising inflation and its implications for interest rates might be overstated.  I think it is poppycock!"



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