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Ascientials Update JUNE 2024

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In this edition

  • Housing Supply Deficit & Population Change

  • Property Asking Prices - SQM Research

  • Proptrack Home Price Index results - May 2024

  • Off the property track: A fascinating animated graph of global carbon emitters.

Postive and negative gears

Housing Supply Deficit & Population Change

Australia's housing market is seeing strong demand, pushing up prices despite higher interest rates. This is due to factors like increased net migration, smaller households, and construction industry constraints. despite expected slowdown, cities like Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane are performing well.


Property Asking Prices

The week ending 4 June 2024 saw a rise in national dwelling asking prices, with Brisbane continuing but slowing growth, and Perth leading the pack with significant annual growth.


George Titch - genius on economic cycles

PropTrack Home Price Index results - May 2024

Unlike SQM Research's "asking price" index, Proptrack measures median prices.

Different measures telling exactly the same story.


Off the property track...

This month, from Visual Capitalist:

  1. Mapped: Top 15 Carbon Emitters in the world. This is a most interesting animated graph showing carbon emissions by country from 1850 to 2022. Fascinating. (Click on graph image in the link to activate the animation)



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