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Ascientials Update October 2023

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In this edition

  • Shortage of housing supply fuels growth: Perth

  • Perth awards: a compact and connected city

  • Housing supply promises. Doable?

  • Housing supply solutions

Postive and negative gears

Shortage of housing supply fuels growth: Perth

It's a common fallacy that low housing supply will cause price growth - but it can certainly fuel it in an affordable market. Perth is a case in point.


Perth awards: A compact and connected city

Recent development awards reflect how visionary urban projects are poised to transform Perth's landscape, economy, and livability. Emphasizing sustainability and innovation, they offer a glimpse into the city's promising urban evolution.


Australia map with pin at Perth

Housing supply promises. Doable?

As always, Michael Matusik has a skilled finger on the pulse of property. His article examines the housing supply situation, looking at potential problems and challenges in the industry. It explores whether housing commitments are secure or if there are issues that could affect the stability of the housing market.


George Titch - genius on economic cycles

Housing supply solutions

Housing supply is developing into a real headache for the federal government. It is likely to be a key issue in the next federal election. There are three possible government strategies to ease the housing crisis. Read a little more to discover policy options aimed at improving housing affordability and addressing market challenges. I particularly like the third strategy...



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