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Are you seeking qualified property investment advice?

With more and more Aussies entering the property investment market, it's important now more than ever to make sure that the advice you're getting is qualified and reliable.

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Property investment support to help you retire above the line.

We're with you on your property investment journey every step of the way.

We equip you with the knowledge, skills and attitudes you need to be a successful long-term property investor. With over 23 years in the industry, we're qualified (QPIA) and experienced.  We pass our experience onto you.



To assist you to make the transition to a successful long-term property investor, we have developed a four step process. 

Learn more about our process >

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Watch the video to discover:

  • What it is that you 
    "Don't know that you don't know about property investing"

  • APG's services and how we approach property investment.


While most Aussies are prepared to spend years learning all they need for a successful career, they're happy to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars investing without any learning at all. Here at Asciential, we believe education is the key to successful investing.  Our Wealth Skills Learning Path forms the foundation of all investment plans we develop with every single client.

Learn more about our investment building through Wealth Skills >


There's a lot to consider when building your investment strategy.  Things like your ability to manage the week-to-week costs of having the property portfolio, long-term sustainability, tax implications, and finance.  Nothing is left to chance.

Learn more about what's possible and how we can help >


Your Asciential Portfolio Manager will help you at every step of the purchase and construction phases.  And once your project has reached completion, we're there to help you choose a reliable property manager and monitor your portfolio until you have enough capital growth to proceed to your next purchase, and beyond.

Learn more about working with Asciential to build your portfolio >

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A little about property investment services in Australia

Property investment services in Australia are currently unregulated. This means, that with no licensing, qualifications or experience, anybody can go into business as a property expert.

PIPA (Property Investment Professionals Australia) is the recognised industry body who has established a qualifications framework for the industry known as QPIA (Qualified Property Investment Advisor). 

As a Qualified Property Investment Advisor, Peter Ward, Director of Asciential Property Group operates according to the professional and ethical guidelines of the PIPA framework.

The Asciential Experience

When you invest with Asciential Property Group, we'll take you through an experiential learning and goals development process that is facilitated by a skilled team of professionals. 

We build in comfortable safety margins at every step, using 'worst case scenario' planning to help you make informed decisions.

Our proprietary measurement process analyses over 30 independent indicators to ensure the property you choose is based on objective analysis.  This takes the guess work out of property investment so you can move forward with confidence..

With over 23 years in the industry, we're qualified (QPIA) and experienced. We pass our experience onto you.

Asciential does not ‘disappear’ once you're ready to rent your property. Relationships are important to us, and we maintain an ongoing relationship with you.


Dawn and I have known Asciential Property Group's Managing Director Peter Ward for many years. During this time he has demonstrated a wealth of knowledge in both the property investment and finance industries. 
Peter has been instrumental in us achieving our own retirement financial goals through strategic property investment. We highly recommend that you take the time to sit down with Peter or one of his Asciential property team. The results will be both enlightening and rewarding. 

You too can enjoy the thought that not only will you know WHERE you need to be for your retirement future but also with the assistance of Asciential Property Group, HOW you will get there.

David Balcombe

Open Cut Examiner, Mount Arthur Coal

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